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I wanted to unlock the value in my property but was having a really rough time with it. BuildCasa is really fantastic.

Carol, Sacramento homeowner
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Doing all of the work of building a new property, connecting it to electricity and water, [and] selling it to someone is now something I don’t have to worry about.

Antonio, Sacramento homeowner
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BuildCasa gives homeowners more options to make money, and makes it easier and simpler.

Stephen, Sacramento homeowner
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I tried to split my lot but I didn’t know how to. Now I don't have to wait.

Kim, Riverside homeowner
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I feel that homeowners have the right to build on their own property and shouldn’t have to go through a lot of red tape to do so. This option puts a large amount of cash in my pocket without waiting.

Brendan, Pacifica homeowner
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Splitting a lot makes things much easier financially for myself.

Desiree, Bakersfield homeowner
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I’ve been trying to split my lot for 2 years but haven’t been able to find the professionals to do it. This saves me a ton of time and energy.

Amy, Redwood City homeowner
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Frequently asked questions


How does the BuildCasa process work?

BuildCasa helps homeowners unlock trapped value out of their property. If you have extra or underutilized yard space, we may be interested in purchasing it for up to $250,000. We handle the whole process from start-to-finish so you don’t need to lift a finger.

First, get an estimate of what we’ll pay for your extra yard space. You can sign up on our website or call/text us at (916) 619-1442. If you’re interested in learning more, you can sign up for a free 1:1 consultation.

Once you agree to move forward with our program, we'll send you $5,000 within 30-45 days.

Then, leave the rest to us. We’ll handle the paperwork, permitting, and city fees to turn your extra yard space into a new, separate lot. Once the new lot is sold, you’ll receive up to $250,000.

We then work with our local partners to build new housing on the new lot while providing free landscaping and fencing for you.

How long does the BuildCasa process take?

It usually takes between 3-6 months from the start of the process to when you’ll get up to $250,000.

How do I know BuildCasa’s process is legitimate and legal?

Our process helps homeowners take advantage of a new California state law called SB 9 that recently went into effect. Many homeowners are not yet aware of it, because this is a new state program that became law in January 2022.

The new law is designed to help address California’s housing shortage, and it provides homeowners with a financial incentive to give up their extra or underutilized yard space for new homes – all while ensuring that existing homeowners can stay in their homes. 

However, navigating the new law is still complicated and costly for most homeowners, which typically involves several months of back-and-forth with government agencies and costs tens of thousands of dollars in permitting fees, third-party contractors, and realtors. BuildCasa’s process handles everything for the homeowner.

BuildCasa maintains good relationships and works closely with local government agencies to also ensure that our process complies with all state and local laws.

How much of my time will the BuildCasa process require?

Very little! Our goal is to take as little of your time as possible. BuildCasa will handle all of the official paperwork, permitting logistics, third-party contractors, government fees, and the sale of the newly created lot. All you’ll need to do is sign some paperwork once you agree to move ahead with the BuildCasa process.


Why should I consider BuildCasa? What’s in it for me?

Homeowners are interested in BuildCasa for different reasons, but, for most, it’s the opportunity to earn up to $250,000 off of their current property – without lifting a finger – that attracts interest.

Perhaps you want to pay off credit card debts or your mortgage? Maybe you want to save for retirement? Or perhaps you no longer want to maintain all of your yard space and would rather have extra money to travel or update your kitchen?

What you choose to do with up to $250,000 is entirely up to you!

Will the BuildCasa process cost me anything?

Nope! We cover all costs associated with the process, including all permitting-related fees.

When do I get the $5,000 cash advance?

The BuildCasa team will present an offer to you during your free 1:1 consultation. If you agree to the offer and move forward with BuildCasa, we will send you a check for the $5,000 upfront payment in 30-45 days, which includes a required period for on-site verification.

How do you determine the value of the piece of my lot?

BuildCasa aims to give you the best market-rate offer based on a variety of metrics about your lot, including its size, location, shape, site access, and comparable land listings.

How much will I make once the new lot is sold?

With BuildCasa, homeowners can make up to $250,000 after we sell your extra yard space as a new, separate lot. The exact amount will depend on the size of the lot, comparable land prices in your area, and the real-estate market.

To get a free estimate of the value of your extra yard space, sign up or call/text us at (916) 619-1442.


How much of my lot should I sell?

Residents typically sell 2,000-5,000 square feet at the rear of their property. Under California law, the land that is to be split and sold must be at least 40% of the existing lot size.

Who will own the piece of my lot that I sell?

A local home builder who partners with BuildCasa will own the new parcel that is split off from your original lot. Your existing home and remaining yard are still owned by you.

Who will own the new home built on the new lot?

BuildCasa’s local builder partner will either sell the new home to an interested buyer or rent it out to a tenant. You’ll no longer need to worry about maintaining or being responsible for anything on the new lot.

Will there be separate access to the new lot/home?

BuildCasa creates private access to the new lot – typically through a side setback or alleyway. We also ensure your privacy by building new fencing and landscaping.

What happens to my existing home?

It’s still yours, and it will not be impacted by the BuildCasa process! In fact, we will provide a free fence and landscaping to leave your home better than we found it.

How will this affect my home value?

Following the lot split, we generally expect the value of your existing property will decrease about 5-10%. As part of the BuildCasa process, an independent appraisal is conducted to determine your home’s new value.

Are there any tax implications if I sell a part of my lot?

Any potential tax impact will depend on the sale price of the newly created lot compared to the original purchase price of the property. Regardless of your unique situation, we always strive to work with homeowners to help them navigate and mitigate any potential tax impact including a complimentary 30-minute meeting with a preferred licensed CPA.

Disclaimer: BuildCasa does not provide tax or accounting services and makes no guarantees. Please speak with a tax and/or land assessment professional.

How will this affect my property taxes?

It is unlikely that your property taxes will be affected by the transaction. Generally, a subdivision of land alone does not trigger a reassessment of a property. However, we recommend that you consult with a CPA for confirmation.

Disclaimer: BuildCasa does not provide tax and accounting services and makes no guarantees. Please speak with a tax and/or land assessment professional.

How will this affect my mortgage? Do I need permission from my mortgage lender?

If you have an outstanding mortgage on your home, BuildCasa can help you obtain written approval from your lender to grant a partial lien release, based on your new property lines. 

BuildCasa can also help you with a custom solution, in the event that the partial lien release isn’t granted, such as by helping you pay down your mortgage with the lot-sale proceeds to stay within a required loan coverage level or by helping you refinance your mortgage.

Regardless of your unique situation, BuildCasa is here to help you find a solution that works best for you!

What if my lot isn’t eligible?

If your property isn’t eligible for SB 9, you may still have other options to get the most value from your property. If you’re interested, email us at or call/text us at (916) 619-1442, and we can let you know if we might be able to help.

How does BuildCasa make money?

We don’t make money until you do. BuildCasa makes money when the lot is sold in exchange for our services and by recouping the costs of permitting.

Why can’t I do all of this myself?

We’re here to help homeowners who aren’t willing to spend the time or resources to navigate city permitting, pay city fees, hire contractors, and deal with the sales process of the lot. You are free to do the process on your own without BuildCasa!

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